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Batteries for Solar PV: Information for Installers

Energy storage and specifically battery technology is set to play a significant role in the latest roll out of SEAI home energy grants. Irish homeowners availing of the SEAI grant towards Solar PV are required to include battery storage in all but the smallest home systems.*  (source

Recognising the need for installer support, MCA brought partners BYD B-Box Batteries, Goodwe and Victron together with solar installers from around the country for two workshops earlier this month. BYD B-Box batteries are 2.5 kWh, ideally sized for the SEAI battery grant (minimum of 2 kWh). Combined with the appropriate Goodwe or Victron inverter there is a safe and easily installed solution for every Irish home.

Image showing about 10 men, all Solar PV installers with BYD experts at recent training workshop at MCA offices in Kilkenny. They are learning about batteries for Solar PV.
Participants and trainers at the second of the 2 workshops held at the MCA Energy Storage office in County Kilkenny.

Shared experience and learning

For some of the installers this was an introduction to energy storage, for others it was an opportunity to delve deeper into the technology. Whether experienced with batteries for Solar PV or not, the feedback from the installers following the workshops was resoundingly positive. We were delighted with the engagement, sharing of experience and enthusiasm within the two workshops.

Choosing batteries for Solar PV – Sizing

SEAI stresses that domestic Solar PV systems, to be eligible for a grant, must be sized for self-consumption. Solar PV systems from 2kWp to a maximum of 4kWp must include minimum battery storage of 2kWh. The battery storage grant is set at €1,000. As we mentioned earlier, BYD B-Box are 2.56 kWh and one module, wall mounted with a battery management unit, is sufficient to avail of the grant. In homes with a higher energy storage requirement, batteries can be rack mounted into a floor standing cabinet with integrated battery management unit.

Choosing batteries for Solar PV – Safety & Warranty

BYD B-Box Batteries are Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4), considered the safest in terms of thermal runaway risk and the most durable lithium battery chemistry. BYD actively supports the combining of B-Box with either Goodwe or Victron inverters. The combinations are safety tested and show high reliability, high life-cycle and high temperature performance. Importantly, BYD are an environmentally aware company and the B-Box is fully recyclable.

The BYD product warranty period is 10 years once installed by a BYD authorised installer. Contact us for more details and to give your customers total peace of mind.

Choosing the inverter for Solar PV and Energy Storage

Adding one or more batteries to a domestic solar system requires the use of a hybrid inverter. ‘Hybrid’ in this case means DC charging and discharging capacity. Of course, every installer is looking for an affordable ‘one box solution’ for cost effectiveness and ease of installation. In most scenarios, Goodwe is the logical choice for installers. You need to size the inverter to suit the system but after that the install is plain sailing. Your end customers will be happy because the monitoring and control interface is very user friendly.

Where additional configuration is required – Victron

Retrofitting batteries to an existing solar system or on sites with multiple energy generation sources, Victron will be your best friend. Victron have a solution to any electricity management challenge including off-grid and micro-grid scenarios. Each inverter is highly configurable and again comes with a very easy to use interface for the homeowner.

At MCA Energy Storage Ltd we extend a big thank you to Alvaro, Colin and Phillip of BYD, Goodwe and Victron who gave their time to make the installer workshops such a success.

The contents of this post are for general information only: If you want to learn more about energy storage for your domestic projects, including product specifications, installation requirements and warranties please contact a member of the MCA  team. We also have energy storage solutions for commercial, grid support services, behind the meter and off-grid situations.

*Any installation over 2kWp must install a battery.



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